krilltish (krilltish) wrote in lojban,

Another Few Questions

 Two sets of questions in two days, not bad (I believe).  Can someone help me out with the following:

1.  Is "and/or" a single word in Lojban?  I guess it would be more like "and/xor", really.

2.  Does "and/(x)or/any combination of the following with the previous"  exist as a (shorter) word/phrase on Lojban?  It would be used something like:  The ball can be red, polka dotted, and/(x)or/any combination of the following with the previous flat.  That would mean that the ball can be red or red and polka dotted, or red and flat, or red and flat but not polka dotted, etc.  As opposed to it is either red, polka dotted, and flat or none of the previous (for "and") or it can only be red, flat, or polka dotted but not multiple of those options.  I probably won't really understand Lojban conjunctions (connectives?), so go easy on me.  :)

3.  In English I see a slight need for two/more "and"'s.  If I said "Joe, Jack, and Jill and John and Jerry are going to the park" it sounds as if they are going as a group, even if it might mean the actions are done seperately.  Both are technically the same, but seem slightly different to me.  One could use commas, but that can be distracting and difficult to read.  I write using "et" for each sub-group.  So that it is "Joe, Jack, et Jill and John et Jerry are going to the park" or "JJJ are going as one group and JJ are going as another".  How would this be expressed in Lojban?

4.  In Lojban, is there a difference between "can" (to be physically able to) and "may" ("to be allowed to")?  I would not think so, one just fills in the last place for the word (I have a hard time with the terminology, would it be gismu?) that means, roughly, "to be able".  I am too lazy to find that word right now, but I know there is one.  What would happen if that last place was not filled in.  Obviously it is slight ambiguous, although I do not believe too many would object.  How would it be interpreted "can" or "may"?

Thanks again, and probably soon to be "like normal".
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