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I Need Some Assistance [.a'ucai .a'ocai .u'ucai]

I have several questions conserning Lojban:

1)  I am havinga very hard time understanding [be], [bai] , and [be'o].  It seems to me that one could use [se] and its relatives.  Obviously, one cannot, but I do not understand for what reason that this is so.  My current line of thought is akin to:  That which I describe as a cat of species Felis silvestris catus [be], went to that described as a bar/pub, from here, and by method of transportation (the vehicle) which I shall describe as a car of the manufacturer/model Toyota [be].

2)  I do not understand why sometimes [cu] is left out before the selbri (I think that is the correct terminology).  I can understand it being ommitted after [cmene], but I hve seen examples just of [la feliks. (be cu<sup>?</sup>) mlatu <u><sub>[cu] ommitted</sub></u> klama le<sup>?</sup> barja .i] but I think that means the thing "Feliks (is a) cat-goer-bar" or "Feliks (is a) cat-traveling-bar".

3)  I do not know if [campu] is a cmavo already, but if it is not would it be acceptable to have irregular stress on it ([campU]), in order to reflect natural pronunciation (shampoo)?  If it is acceptable and not already a cmene (would [campu] and [campU] be different?  I think so) I call that I have coined a new word: campU= substance/quantity X<sub>1</sub> is a shampoo/hair cleaner of composition X<sub>2</sub>, distributed/produced by company/person/people X<sub>3</sub>, that is used by person/thing X<sub>4</sub> on surface/object/animal/person X<sub>5</sub>.  So, [Le campU fi la LORi,al. mi gerku pe mi] means "I am using shampoo, that was produced by L'Oreal, on my dog ."

Please forgive me for my ignorance, but I really like this language and only want to nderstand it. 

Thank you so graciously in advance.
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