Pope Salmon the Lesser Mungojelly (mungojelly) wrote in lojban,
Pope Salmon the Lesser Mungojelly

Greetings Lojbanistan, and greetings especially to those of you who have an interest in Lojban but haven't had the time to devote to learning it. I hope you will be interested in the subset of Lojban which I have discovered/invented and named Cniglic. (cinmo+glico, emotional english). Cniglic consists of less than a hundred words selected from Lojban, mostly from selma'o UI-- the attitudinals. These words, such as ".ie" (I agree) and "zo'o" (just kidding) are so useful that they have long appeared occasionally in the dialect of English spoken in Lojbanistan. I am working on formalizing and promoting this hybrid dialect-- that is, Lojban's attitudinals applied to English text-- as both a stepping stone to learning Lojban and as a useful language in its own right.

It's my belief that there are far more people interested in Lojban than there have ever been active learners. This should hardly be any surprise, since learning a full human language is a considerable undertaking, while the rewards of speaking such an obscure language are less than tangible. :) I am hoping to shift this balance. You can begin speaking Cniglic as soon as you've learned a single word, and you can speak it with complete mastery after learning less than a hundred.

Cniglic is in no way in competition with Lojban. Every Cniglic word is also a word of Lojban, so once you have learned Cniglic you have made a substantial down payment on learning Lojban in the future if you so choose. One of my goals with Cniglic is to lower the barrier to entry of Lojban (lower it all the way to the floor, in fact), so that people can begin their study of Lojban immediately speaking fluently, immediately on a level playing field, with immediate rewards. If Cniglic is successful, my long-term vision is of an entire ladder of languages extending from English to Lojban, with each rung providing new expressive possibilities at the expense of learning just a small number of new words & concepts. This may not make it easier on the whole to learn everything, but hopefully it will make it more fun along the way. :)

If you're interested in learning & participating in Cniglic, you are invited to join the new livejournal community I've created for it: cniglic
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