lojbanbeginner (lojbanbeginner) wrote in lojban,

Lojban standardized tests?

In the Lojban-speaking world it seems like everyone that's active is highly knowledgeable of the language. Having some sort of standardized test might make it more accessible. If you used AP-style grading (from 1 to 5) and had tests for beginner, intermediate, advanced, and fluent, you could say "I'm lv. 3 beginner" or "I'm lv. 5 fluent", with the latter ranking showing mastery of the language. This could reduce intimidation for beginners and streamline the process of finding people to talk to online, especially if you had rankings integrated into some sort of forum with corresponding subsections for each level.

I know very little Lojban, and one of the best ways to learn a language is by using it every day. Having Lojban standardized tests and a medium to talk to people at my level would help me for sure. I'd be willing to help with whatever I'm able to in my free time, but the only knowledge I really have to contribute is experience with taking standardized tests. Is anyone else enthusiastic about the idea?
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