krilltish (krilltish) wrote in lojban,

2 Small Questions

First, how does one create an account for and log into [la jbotcan]?

Second, I was just wondering how to say the equivalent of English "in order to..." or French "pour..." in Lojban.  Would one insert something like a sumti tcita into the bridi, and/or could one fill in a "under conditions..." slot?  If there was no such a slot already present in the bridi, what sumti tcita would be inserted for this reason?
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One doesn't create accounts for jbotcan. Kinda the point. You put your name in the name field.

And you probably want tezu'e. It's a sumtcita that means "acting for the goal of...".
First: You don't; if you just type a post into the box and press Post, it will. If you want to distinguish yourself from the mass of Anonymous, you may type a name into the Name field, and if you want to prevent others from posing as you, you may type a ! after said name and enter some text that will be hashed, and said hash will appear next to your name on the post. On imageboards such as la jbotcan., anonymous posting is considered the default, and accounts per se don't exist.

Second: You probably want the modal "sesau," which adds the second place of "sarcu" into your bridi. It means that the bridi is necessary for something.
coi kriltic. i lo nu notci finti kei na nitcu lo sevzi .i na'e nitcu sevzi tcana .i ku'i ro do kakne lo nu cmene pilno kei

.i la'a mi ba jmina di'u la jbotcan ki'u lo nu ro le ninpre ku ba zi jimpe kei

(.i to ji'a na sruma lo nu mi xamgu certu kei .i mi nelci lo nu ta'e tavla fo la lojban. kei toi)

.i cinri do ki'e.uisai

Hi Krilltish. To post a message, you do not need to register/have an account. It is an anonymous board. However, you can put a name if you want to.

I probably will add that to to make it completely clear to new people. :)

(Also, don't assume that I'm any good. I just like talking Lojban often.)

Thanks for your interest!
There is no need (or ability) to create accounts for jbotcan. Just start posting. No signup, just enter text and click the button.
(French "por"? Do you mean French "pour" or Spanish "por", perhaps?)

I think BAI is what you're looking for -- for example, {te zu'e} "with purpose/goal".

For example, {mi klama le zarci te zu'e lo nu mi te vecnu lo cidja} "I go to the market in order to buy some food".
Why are you screening comments on this entry?
Because, well... I do not really know. I did not click anything and I did not notice it. Because I do not know how not to.


May 10 2008, 09:50:55 UTC 9 years ago

first: as far as i understood it la jbotcan has no accounts. the only thing it has is a password for each post that can later be used to edit or delete that post or something, how the auth itself works, no clue,

second: you can use a BAI here: zu'e is the BAI sumtcita for zukte and zukte's x3 is "the goal towards an actor takes an action", so te zu'e lo nu ..... would be what you want

have a nice day :)
mu'o mi'e timos
Jbotcan is an anonymous bord (similar to 2chan, 4chan, 7chan, 420chan, iichan, ...) you don't have to create an account. Just put your name in "cmene" if you don't want to be anonymous.

"por" doesn't exist in french. I'm pretty sure you mean "pour".

Well, it depends, but {mu'i} is a good start.

Example :
{mi cusku mu'i lo nu do jimpe}
The phrase "in order to" translates more or less to {te zu'e} followed by an abstraction. An example from /la nicte cadzu/:

.u'i mi tadni la lojban. te zu'e lo nu fanza lo ctuca be mi
Heh. I'm studying Lojban in order to annoy my teachers.

(Side note: the French word you're thinking of is "pour".)

mi'e komfo,amonan.
Did my reply get eaten?
i lu tezu'e li'u pe'i cmavo fi zoi gy in order to gy
to e'unai mi na certu tu'a le glico ja lojbo


May 13 2008, 18:43:08 UTC 9 years ago

> First, how does one create an account for and log into [la jbotcan]?

I don't think you need to. Just post away.

> Second, I was just wondering how to say the equivalent of English "in order to..." or French "por..." in Lojban.

I'm not certain, but I *think* you use seki'u:

mi pu tavla la djain. seki'u lonu ri nelci mi
(I talked to Jane in order to get her to like me).

Don't quote me on that though, I'm just a beginner myself. Check Chapter 10 of Lojban for Beginners.

RE: Por


May 14 2008, 19:20:53 UTC 9 years ago

I would imagine that the becauses would work for most situations.

As for jbotcan, I do not know.

mi'e .dylyn. mu'o
I don't know enough about jbotcan to answer that part of the question.

For the "in order to", I would probably use the sumtcita {te zu'e}.
I believe that the becauses will work for most of the situations that a Frenchperson would say "por..."
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