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Webcomic translation from a newbie

Hi, (or should that be coi?)

I've only recently started to read about lojban [although for a good while I've been calling it lobjan!] and the idea of the language intrigues me quite a lot - I like the idea of how the structure of words seems very much akin to the invocation of sub-programs in the language (IDL) I use to program day-to-day.

Anyway - in the manner of language beginners everywhere I've decided to undertake an ambitious project as my first translation attempt - 'Darths and Droids', a Star Wars parody webcomic. The first episode has already been translated into German, Greek, Spanish, French, Italian, Hebrew, Dutch, Norweigan, Russian, Sweedish, Klingon, oh - and the Pirate dialect of English.

Would people mind if I posted my efforts and questions here? I'm likely to make a hell of a lot of mistakes to begin with, but hopefuly I'll pick up the basics relatively quickly - it all seems logical enough ;).

Anyway - assuming your approval - here is my attempt at the first sentence of speech (I'll attempt more in later posts, but I didn't want to be scary to begin with) - I've used the word lists available on the website, the list of everyday Lojban (here) and the very good Lojban for beginners lessons.

GM: Right. Everyone listening? Here's the campaign intro.
je'e .i be'e rodo .i ti prosa le co'a clali'u

Here I've coined the term clali'u (long-travel) to mean 'campaign' - this is based on the word jdali'u (religion-travel) to mean something approximating 'mission', used on the everyday lojban page.

My understand of what I have written would be something along the lines of:
je'e - 'roger' - apparently this would be used in the context of 'right' or 'uh-huh'.
be'e - 'request to send a message' - I spent ages trying to find a verb for 'listen', but I think that was just viewing through English eyes. This seems to convey the meaning, but I'm not sure whether one would say it in the middle of a block of speech.
rodo - 'everyone' - I'm not sure if this is welded to the previous, i.e. whether I am actually saying 'I request to send a message to everyone' or just 'request to send a message... everyone...'
ti prosa le co'a clali'u - 'this prose [is about] the starting of [the] campaign'. I'm particularly worried about my use of 'this' here.

Anyway - sorry for using this community as a free source of tuition.


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